"I have been working with the people at HIGH 5 Athletics Unlimited for 4 years, since the inception of my Co-Rec softball team.  The people at HIGH 5 Athletics Unlimited were incredibly knowledgeable on the equipment the the team needed, the uniforms that we needed, and everything else that the team had to have not only to comply with the league rules, but also to take the field on the first day prepared and ready to play.  HIGH 5 Athletics Unlimited proved to be a one-stop shop for my team, supplying everything within the team's budget.  The uniforms they designed and made for us not only looked great, but they lasted through two seasons looking like new.  We have repeatedly used HIGH 5 Athletics Unlimited in recent years, and its products are always delivered on time, without hassle and for a great price.  If you are starting a team, or just need equipment or uniforms for your current team, I highly recommend HIGH 5 Athletics Unlimited as the one-stop to meet your team's needs and it's budget."
-Anthony M. Saccullo, Esquire, New Castle County Sports League Team

New Castle County

Sports League Team

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